It’s in my blood.

Last week I had an impossible amount of blood drawn.  Even the lab technician, who looked like she was sixteen and nervous, cheerfully commented on the number of vials: “Wow!  Your doctor is having you tested for everything!”.  She commented on this just as cheerfully as she commented on her difficulty finding a vein, as I closed my eyes and tried to disguise just how terrified I was.

So the blood was drawn, all six vials.  Yesterday my doctor’s office called me to tell me that all was well, minus a vitamin B12 deficiency.  Vitamin B12, most commonly found in meat.  I can only assume that this is a near-lifetime of vegetarianism catching up with me.  So yesterday afternoon, I dissolved the first sugary B12 supplement under my tongue.  With the multivitamin I was also instructed to take, I’m now taking two daily pills/supplements.  Slightly foreboding, seeing as this really is just the beginning of the beginning.

In other news, my doctor e-mailed me later that afternoon to say that the fertility clinic referrals had been made.


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