This funny business.

The business of reproduction fascinates me.

By this I’m referring to the actual business of reproduction: the dollars and cents of trying to make a baby.

It’s strange to me that the decision between Clinic One, Clinic Two and Clinic Three will be, in part, a financial decision.  That I have to e-mail Clinic Three and ask for a price tag to go with the procedures they’re suggesting.  That, at some point, Partner and I will likely sit with costs and probabilities placed out on a spreadsheet and try to decide which clinic and procedure is the most fiscally responsible.

This strange business was highlighted this morning by an e-mail from Cryogenic Laboratories– one of the sperm banks that we could, potentially, use.  The e-mail encouraged me to sign up for Club CLI, an “exclusive club” with membership benefits.  Unlimited access on donor information for 1 month!  Save $100 on your first order!  And the oddest, perhaps:

“Buy 5 vials of donor sperm and you will receive the 6th free”!

A strange business, indeed.


3 thoughts on “This funny business.

  1. I did not use a fertility clinic, as I worked with a known donor for home inseminations. Saved a ton of money that way, but I realize using a known donor isn’t for everyone.

    I have several friends who used fertility clinics and bought sperm. IF by some off chance you happen to be in “The Big Smoke” here in Canada, let me know. I can tell you which fertility clinics are best based on patient perspective. And I think that goes a loooong way.

    • Though we talked about the benefits of using a known donor, we didn’t have any ideal candidate(s) in mind and also worried about potential risk… mainly our concern about a donor changing his mind about level of involvement. We also know people who have used known donors and been really happy with that decision. It’s such a complicated choice, with pros and cons to every option.

      I’ve done some research on the fertility clinics near us, and have been lucky enough to get some patient perspectives. A lot of the people I know have had good experiences with Clinic One (the only one we haven’t visited yet!) so I’m hopeful that we will too.

  2. K and I experienced the same thing. Additionally, one of our potential docs thought it was necessary to do all of these interventions (translation: cha-ching!), right from the start, whereas the doctor we ultimately chose thought it was more prudent to expose K to sperm to see what happens, since this wasn’t something we’d done before. Obviously, cost is a large factor, but I agree, some of the things that are available to us and how they are marketed range from offensive to odd to hilarious.

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