Well, shit.

So, today’s the first day of my cycle.  And at Clinic One, day two is when you go about ordering sperm.  Which is pretty exciting.  So I call, all excited about my bleeding uterus, only to find out that the supplier of our first choice donor is all sold out.  And that our first choice donor has now left the program.

As discussed in Sperm & Our Guy, our first choice was ahead by a mile.  There’s a slim possibility that we may still be able to get two vials, but that’s it.  With the statistical (im)probability of conceiving using IUI from frozen sperm, there’s a good chance that two vials won’t be enough.  And even if they’re enough for kid one, any potential kid two would have to be from another donor… because I’m not naive enough to think that two kids are going to come from two (hypothetical) vials.

There is a whole lot whirling around in my head right now as I wait, totally on edge.  Are the two vials are even a possibility?  And then what?  What comes next?  After a lot of waiting, this is all happening very, very quickly.

Oh, and Sea is out of the country until next week.  We’re just going to have to make major life decisions via Facebook chat.

Well, shit.

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