It looks like a takeout window.

“It looks like a takeout window”, Dr. Left explained to me this morning.  I was sitting in an office with him as he flipped frenetically through my file.

I had seen Dr. Text on Tuesday, Day 11, when I went in for cycle monitoring.  That appointment had been a whirlwind 25 minutes which somehow managed to include blood testing, an internal ultrasound and a quick visit with the always rushed Dr. Text.  Writing about it now, I’m not entirely sure how 25 minutes held all of this poking and prodding, but it did.  After chasing Dr. Text at a near run down the hallway down to an office, I sat as he jotted some notes, announced that I had a 12mm follicle, and told me to come back on Friday.

Ever obedient, I showed up this morning.  I’m already beginning to feel accustomed to this office, its peculiar routines and its familiar faces.  In fact, when they drew the requisite vial of blood I didn’t even flinch.  For a person who used to go into near hysterics at the sight of a needle, this is a fair accomplishment.  The technicians have even stopped being able to sense my fear.

After the blood drawing, I was shuffled in for the equally requisite internal ultrasound.  “It’s too quiet in here!” the technician exclaimed as she entered the room where I was sitting, pantless.  She fiddled quickly with a panel on the wall, turning the radio on to some generic rock station.  In case you were curious, today’s ultrasound was performed to “One More Time” by Daft Punk.

Pants back on, I waited for the good doctor.  After a brief flurry of “Is he here?”, “Did he leave?”,  “I saw him!”, it was determined that Dr. Text had already left for the day.  At 9:05am.  So it was Dr. Left again, who is not actually my doctor– despite the fact that I’ve now seen him as many times as I’ve seen Dr. Text.  Dr. Left seemed pleased with my ovary.  The little follicle that could, 12mm on Tuesday, is now 16mm.  This is apparently a good thing.  A good enough thing, in fact, that I’ve now been instructed to come in on a daily basis.

“It looks like a takeout window”, Dr. Left explained to me, telling me where I would find the andrology lab on IUI day to request that our first vial of Mickey be thawed.  Dr. Left paused before adding, “Just don’t order a hamburger or fries!”

So I’ll go in tomorrow, and the next day.  On Sunday or Monday, Sea will join me at Clinic One.  We’ll take a left when we exit the elevator, instead of the usual right.  We’ll head to the andrology lab that looks like a takeout window, but isn’t.  And then, I suppose, we’ll place our order.

Total Ultrasound Count: 6


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