Really? No, really?

Of course we would like this cycle to work, and we’ll know whether or not it has by Tuesday.

But we also are trying not to pin all of our hopes on approximately 1.5 cc of twice-washed sperm.  As summarized by Sea in Hey, Mickey, we had a first choice donor who was ahead by a mile and also in very limited supply.  We had managed to procure a total of three vials (so now two) from a regional supplier, and had been promised that another regional supplier would do a little networking and sperm juggling to procure another three.

That regional supplier forgot to follow up with Xytex.  The two remaining vials we have may be the only that we’re going to have.  Because our contact forgot.


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This blog began when my partner and I decided to start adding the requisite 2.5 kids to our lives. Three years later, we’re now the parents of a very active toddler and (maybe) considering adding another kid to the mix. Read on for adventures in TTC, pregnancy, toddlers, queer parenting and more.

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