How romantic.

I tossed the cookies onto the file lying open on the exam table: “These are for you.”

Sea had stayed up late the night before, making dozens of cookies to take into work.  As I did dishes, and she carefully arranged red and pink candy onto the dough, I asked her to save a couple for Dr. Text.  “Is that weird?”, she asked, “Will he eat them?”  I was fairly sure that it was weird, but equally sure that most people will eat freshly baked chocolate chip cookies when presented with the opportunity– particularly festively decorated cookies. Also, I argued, maybe he would work harder to make us a baby if we had made him cookies.

So this morning I walked into Clinic One with festive cookies tucked into my bag.  Though the waiting room was almost empty, I noted that there were fewer people sitting alone today.  Instead, silent couples sat slumped in the chairs.  It seemed as if the clients of Clinic One had decided that a Valentine’s Day trip to the fertility clinic was not a solo undertaking.  Judging by the glum expressions that surrounded me, however, these couples also realized the irony of sitting in a fertility clinic on a holiday represented by a cherubic, fat, weapon-wielding baby.  I appreciated that Clinic One hadn’t tried to decorate for the occasion.

(Incidentally, speaking of celebrations, while waiting to have my blood drawn I noticed a still-posted bulletin granting  Clinic One a temporary liquor license for 12/12/12 at 12:00am.  I wonder what that party was like, and who was in attendance.)

Both the technician drawing blood from the back of my hand and Diana, who performed my ultrasound, asked what my Valentine’s Day plans were.  I did my best to explain that these were my Valentine’s Day plans– getting my blood drawn, having an ultrasound, seeing Dr. Text.  Sea and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day in any significant way and, anyways, she had left for work early that morning and I would be working late into the evening.  So Dr. Text was my Valentine.

He seemed to appreciate the cookies: his smile was certainly wider than usual as he hunched over my files, and I doubt that it was my follicles making him grin.  In my last cycle, unmedicated, I had three 11mm follicles on Day 10.  This time around I have one 16mm follicle and one other at 11mm.  Dr. Text seemed pleased enough: taking his cookies and leaving the room, he told me to come back on Saturday.  While 16mm is certainly more than I’ve seen on Day 10 before, I had hoped that Femara would improve my odds a little more.

I left Clinic One a little disappointed, which I guess is how many Valentines end.  But I guess that we only need one good follicle, some strong sperm and a little luck.

How romantic.

Total Ultrasound Count: 26

3 thoughts on “How romantic.

  1. I too, would like to know what kind of party they had. (You know you’re not pregnant, so you might as well drink! Or something.)

    And I would try to look at it this way: you’re hoping for a singleton, right? (Rather than twins or triplets or whatever.) So what you really want is one nice, strong egg, which it sounds like you’ve got. (16 mm instead of 11 mm sounds pretty strong to me, at least.) One strong egg is going to be better than multiple medium ones, right? Good luck!

  2. I find it funny, sorry, that you are keeping an ultrasound count, what a great way to remember all the work that is going into this. Personally, I think thats a great way to celebrate valentines day! (we dont celebrate with eachother either)

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