No longer an IUI outlaw.

I went back to Clinic One this morning to pay my dues, head hung in shame.  I waited by the front desk as Heterosexist Receptionist answered a phone call and then complained to a surly sonographer, “She was confused!  And then her husband phoned me and called me a liar!”.

She finally turned to me, and I confessed my crime.  As it turned out however, it wasn’t a crime at all.  Instead, I had been charged for the IUI when I had bought the trigger shot days before.  Not having any sense of the cost of a trigger shot, I hadn’t known that they had just tacked the IUI on to that charge instead.  Besides, Heterosexist Receptionist told me in a slightly sinister tone, even if I had stolen an IUI they knew I would be back.  Both relieved and embarrassed, I bought my progesterone and hurried out the door.

So The Mystery of The Stolen IUI ends well.  My name has been cleared of all fertility thieving charges and my conscience is clear.

6 thoughts on “No longer an IUI outlaw.

  1. Whew, indeed. I have a sinking feeling I short-changed the college bookstore when I bought chalk yesterday, but the karmic implications of that offense seem less daunting.

    Also, hello! I am enjoying your blog and wish you good luck.

  2. Okay lady, you’ve got this. I have a good feeling for you this month. All appendages are crossed and I rubbed Evie’s head for good luck. I mean, I have no idea if that’s good luck but it sure sounds nice. 🙂

  3. Hi. I found your blog doing a google search for thieving IUI fugitives. I am a little disappointed by this most recent post … just kidding! I wish you and Sea GREAT luck for February!

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