TMI, on repeat.

At three in the morning I stumbled downstairs to the bathroom, half-asleep.  Wiping, I was suddenly wide awake: there was bright red blood.

I consider myself to be a fairly logical person.  I know:

a) A lot of people bleed, particularly during early pregnancy, particularly on progesterone, and still have healthy pregnancies.

b) My ridiculously high beta numbers are a good sign.

c) There’s nothing I can do if things aren’t okay.

But none of this is stopping me from still being wide awake two hours later, Googling and afraid.

8 thoughts on “TMI, on repeat.

  1. stop googling! it is most probably due to the progesterone. Try to breathe and wait until the morning when you can call clinic one. Don’t worry, it will be fine, please stop googling!

  2. Those things are all true. I was one of those people, and I remember too well the terror as I, too, sat up all night, as if that would do anything. Well, it did stop the dreams, which was something, I suppose. (The product of that pregnancy is currently pestering me to play trains. These things do happen.)

    I am hoping for good news for you.

  3. googling can be the devil – it certainly has scared the pants off me a few times. Relax, its most likely the progesterone, and nothing serious at all.

  4. Yikes! I remember really clearly how panicked I was about spotting early on in my pregnancy. Everything turned out just fine, but it was a terrifying few days/weeks. Any chance you can get an ultrasound to find out more about how things look?

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