Despite my ridiculously high beta numbers and suppository-induced progesterone high, I haven’t experienced morning sickness.  I know, these are still early days and I’m probably cursing myself by the very writing of this post, but so far the occasional moments of queasy are as bad as it gets.  Unfortunately, I also think I’m developing my first food aversion.

I should preface this by explaining to you my relationship with cheese.  I love it.  All cheese.  Strong cheese, soft cheese, cream cheese: all delicious.  Brie?  Yes please.  Swiss?  Yum.  Cheddar?  Pass it over.  When Sea begins slicing cheese to make dinner, the cat and I are suddenly both at her side and I’m asking for “a piece for my mouth, please”.

But then, a few days ago, I realized that melted cheese didn’t sound all that appetizing.  And yesterday, putting cheese on my sandwich seemed like a dubious choice.  And today– well, today.

I’m far from home for the next few days, travelling with my mother*.  One of the most disappointing things about the city where I live is that it is no longer home to my favourite restaurant: a particular restaurant with big bowls of salad and unlimited breadsticks, with which you may be familiar.  But the city we are visiting does have this restaurant!  Joy!  Excitement!  Breadsticks!  So my mother and I made our way to the restaurant.  I was feeling slightly blah after an early morning and long day of travel, but still greeted the menu with fair enthusiasm.  Until I realized that almost everything on the menu sounded too cheesy.  Being stubborn, I decided to embrace the cheese.  Maybe it was good in practice, if not in theory?  Maybe it was me, not the cheese, that needed to change to make this partnership work?  I unenthusiastically ate half my meal and then gave up.  It was just too cheesy.

Too cheesy?  Saying that goes against my very nature.  I judge people who don’t like cheese in the same way that I judge people who don’t like chocolate.  I often use cheese to explain why I am not a vegan.  Yet here I am: simultaneously hoping that today’s cheese aversion was a fluke and wondering how else to fill tomorrow’s breakfast omelette.

*Yes, I am travelling with my mother.  Who does not know that I’m pregnant.  Who asks about grandchildren approximately every 30 minutes.  We also happen to be travelling to a theme park.  This deserves its own post.


21 thoughts on “Cheesy.

  1. Those occasional waves of nausea turned into full time nausea by week 7 for me! Now at week 9 I’m just hanging for relief at week 12! It’s kinda bitter sweet as its a sign things are going well, yet I’m so ‘sick’ of it! That being said my sister in law had not one symptom throughout her entire pregnancy!!! I also am struggling to find any food that appeals to me other than frozen yoghurt! I say enjoy it it and remember the prize at the end! We are pregnant!!! Yay!!

  2. As an avid cheese conissuer, this is the saddest post I have ever read. More cheese in the world for me now I guess? When are you going to tell your mom/families?!

  3. I hate to say it, but the same thing that happened to Gayby happened to me – mild nausea that turned to full-blown puking by week six or seven. Hopefully you’ll be spared, but get ready. Sounds like quite the trip – a theme park AND traveling with mom who doesn’t know. Hope you got to enjoy some of it! Oh, and huge congrats if I haven’t already said it 🙂

  4. Well hopefully it won’t turn into full-blown puking! I feel your pain – I LOVE cheese, and my mom’s marinated goat cheese has been sitting in my fridge untouched for over a week, as I share your pregnancy-related cheese aversion (though I have not lost my stomach, this pregnancy or last). Can’t do meat either. Planning dinner is bewildering! I hope the cheesy joy returns in the second tri….and yes, it’s a good sign.

    • I feel sorry for Sea, who is the meal planner and chef in our home… I’m picky enough when I’m not pregnant!

      I’m glad that the food aversions have been the worst of it for you (yay, keeping your stomach)!

  5. No cheese???!!! Oh, no! That is a major tragedy.
    And, um, yes, that last paragraph definitely requires more explanation! Can’t wait to hear all about it. What did you guys decide about when you’ll tell other folks your news?

  6. I’ve had the same!!! After week 1 of Januarys TWW I completely went off coffee and I’m a coffee addict! It tasted burnt and nasty! Once AF came I wanted it. Weird!!! I also started to feel sick towards the end of the TWW.

    I still believe something was there but because I had a cold, my body may have been fighting everything alien off. Maybe.

    Good luck!!!

  7. I’m with you on the cheese generally. I LOVE it. I had an acupuncturist try to convince me once that I should give up dairy for the sake of my allergies, and I had to explain to her that PB and I once did a three-week long “cleanse”, which included giving up dairy, and it made me miserable. Like, “kind of lost my will to live” miserable. She couldn’t believe that giving up cheese could make me feel that way, but it did. (It also didn’t make a noticeable difference in my allergies, so there.)

    So far this pregnancy, cheese is one of the sources of protein that I can generally stomach, but it’s a lot iffier than it used to be. I still can’t bear the thought of fried eggs, and I generally love those. I can deal with foods that contain eggs, provided that they aren’t noticeably egg-y, but that’s about it. Even chocolate, which I adore and generally crave, isn’t so appealing at the moment. It’s not exactly an aversion, but it’s not really appealing, either, and when I do eat chocolate, it frequently doesn’t taste quite right. Someone gave me a nice bar of dark chocolate, and I’ve had to hide the fact I’m saving it until I feel better.

    I’ve only vomited a few times so far (yay?), but I feel like I could easily do it about 90% of the time right now. The queasiness really kicked in around week 6 for me, and has gotten noticeably worse each week since then. Which may not be encouraging to hear, but… I keep telling myself it’s a good sign, at least?

  8. Is it true? When u say u r 6 weeks, is it actually only 4 but they count from the beginning of the cycle? Cheese is good. U should fight your baby on this!

  9. Im a cheese-a-holic too! I love the stuff, so I understand where you are coming from. Andrea’s aversion seems to be with dairy right now – so she has been experiencing morning sickness. I would love to read the post about travelling with your mother who does not know youre pregnant. That would be a great read!

  10. I am catching up on posts and wanted to say congrats! Excellent news to come back to after a hiatus from blogland! Best of luck to you through the first trimester. As for when we told people, it totally depended on the people. I told my best friend right away, family at 10 weeks, most of my other friends at 12 weeks, but told acquaintances (with no ties to anyone we knew) and strangers right away, oddly enough.

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