Oh, food.

I’m a person who likes food.  I’ve always appreciated a good snack, and consider chocolate to be one of my closest friends.  These days, though, I spend almost as much time thinking about the contents of my stomach as the contents of my uterus.

As you know, there’s the cheese.  Cheese, once delicious, has lost its status as a preferred food.  Having discovered this unfortunate aversion, I’ve experimented a little to refine what it includes: Parmesan is fine in moderation, artificial cheese flavoring (including on mac and cheese from the box) is good, melted cheese is bad, Cheddar is terrible, melted Cheddar is the worst, pizza is acceptable (but only sometimes) if the cheese product is processed to the extent that it doesn’t smell or taste real.  Not complicated at all.

Thankfully, at 8 weeks and 5 days, morning sickness has yet to come my way.  Or, at least, it’s been confined to vague queasiness.  This queasiness is most pronounced before meals, however, and largely dictates what is delicious and what is terrible.  I have strong feelings about food.  Strong, inconsistent feelings about food.  It makes choosing lunch an adventure.

Sea finds the foods I crave hilarious: green vegetables, all the time.  Broccoli, green beans, and asparagus are particularly delicious.  Goldfish crackers, which I previously ate about once or twice a year have become a staple of my diet.  I wonder now how I was previously so oblivious to the fact that they are pretty much the best food.

While– beyond the aforementioned categories– food often doesn’t sound delicious, I’m hungry all of the time.  Sea also finds this pretty funny.  I eat breakfast, get to work, and am hungry again.  Half an hour after eating, I’ll unthinkingly say something about how hungry I am.  I’m currently trying to wait patiently for dinner, while simultaneously considering a trip to the kitchen for some more Goldfish crackers.  I carry snacks in my bag at all times.

Despite having heard a lot about pregnancy and food, I find my own body’s relationship to these things disconcerting.  Commiserate with me here, blog friends.  What were/are your cravings?  What were/are your aversions?  What food lurks/lurked at the bottom of your bag for urgent snacking needs?


5 thoughts on “Oh, food.

  1. The hunger is normal, just remember you are like making a liver or kidney this week. I got aversions to some of my fav foods like hummus, sweet potatoes, and popcorn. I hated all vegetables. Goldfish were also delicious!!! Must be a necessary item to form another human.

  2. I didn’t have any real food cravings. I wasn’t ever really hungry. I was thirsty, a lot. I really liked orange juice. It didn’t like me – acid reflux was terrible! For nausea try peppermint tea or peppermint baths. Really worked wonders for me, I didn’t have morning sickness, but I was nauseous a lot.

  3. You’ve described my exact relationship with food right now. I eat, and then within a disturbingly short amount of time I start fantasizing about what I’m going to eat next. Right now I’m big on crackers with peanut butter, and anything sour. Also, I’ve developed an aversion to chocolate. Chocolate! It’s obviously the end times.

  4. I lol-ed at your description of Goldfish crackers. A mom who was writing about the pointlessness of “kid” food dissed on Goldfish crackers. I agreed with a lot of her points, but said, “Don’t dismiss the power and wonder of a Goldfish cracker though.” Because RIGHT?

    I couldn’t eat until week 13 with our younger son, so eat it up. PS: My craving with both boys was buffalo sauce. On everything.

  5. Oh, I could write an encyclopedia about my relationship with food these days. Mostly, it’s not really a pleasant one. When I get hungry (which I frequently do), I start gagging. Often, once I’ve eaten, I feel gross. My craving today is frequently my aversion tomorrow. (A la artichoke dip. Weeks 5 and part of 6, I could not get enough. I hit a magic point, though, where I’d had enough, and even the thought of it turned my stomach. Which it still does, I’m afraid. I hope that will go away eventually.)

    My general aversions are: Broccoli. Normally I love it, now I can’t deal with it. Potatoes, but mostly in mashed/soup form. Eggs. I can sometimes eat fried eggs again, if they’re in something (like a breakfast burrito). Hard boiled eggs sounded WONDERFUL to me on Friday, until I ate a couple for breakfast, and then threw up in my mouth as I was trying to get into the car to go to work. Now they sound terrible. Bananas. I thought I might be up to eating them again, but when I tried last week, I threw half of it back up pretty promptly.

    My frequent cravings are: Fruit, except bananas. Sesame noodles. Hmm, let’s see. Potatoes, sometimes, usually roasted or in the form of fries. Asparagus. Pickles (I know, I know, but there’s a reason for the cliche.)

    Mostly I don’t really have *cravings* so much as things that sound more or less acceptable more often than not. Pizza is generally fine, particularly if it’s plain cheese, but not always. Cereal, especially mini wheats. Clif bars. I am practically living off of Clif bars these days, since they generally go down without too much trouble, and have protein.

    I am really, really tired of this stage.

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