“Don’t take offense, but…”

Pregnancy milestone!  A coworker just asked if I was pregnant!

(Today is 19 weeks and 3 days.  Or, if you’re keeping count, 122 DPO.)

5 thoughts on ““Don’t take offense, but…”

  1. So exciting! Congratulations on that milestone! I’m always afraid to ask people until they are so far along they are practically due tomorrow. I’m glad she had the nerve!

  2. At least she had the courtesy to say she didn’t mean to offend. My random comments were definitely said without thought to my feelings! Congratulations on the milestone! It’s always nice when someone notices!

  3. That’s awesome! I almost never got asked. I would even casually mention that my wife and I are having a baby and I would be on leave and they would still not catch on that I was pregnant. lol.

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