Not long ago, I realized that there were 99 posts on this blog.  The enormity of a hundredth post overwhelmed me, and I refused to update again until Sea had written.  Now that she has taken care of posts 100 and 101, I can go back to posting without worrying whether the topic at hand is substantial enough for such a momentous occasion.   Topics that were deemed not worthy of the final position in the top one hundred:

– My strained relationship with the soft serve ice cream truck that meanders down our street every evening.  I had always heard its repetitive song as whimsical, but now—as the truck slows in front of our house— the tune seems melancholy.  I’ve nicknamed the truck “listeria truck”, and wave sadly as it goes by.

– How Bingo’s gentle twitches are transforming into more insistent kicks.  And how last week Bingo discovered the ability to deliver a precise kick to my bladder.

– The complexities of creating a baby shower guest list: the politics of who to invite and who to strike from the list.

– Connected to the above point, my mistaken idea that a baby shower is a good opportunity to reconnect with people from earlier in my life.  Such as my high school best friend.  Though we live in the same city, I haven’t seen her in over five years.  Her immediate response to my request for her address was “why?”  When I told her it was to send her a baby shower invite she replied: “baby shower…for a cat?”

But I can’t devote this post to any of those topics either, because this blog post commemorates another momentous occasion: a year of blogging.  In a year, Sea and I have blogged our way through five months of TTC, four IUIs, 34 ultrasounds and 24 weeks of pregnancy.

A year ago, my insides were deemed photogenic by a brusque technician.   I started this blog the same day.   Today, we’re one day away from what is officially considered “viability”.  This morning I sat on the couch and, for the first time, saw Bingo move from the outside.  This afternoon, Sea and I lay next to each other on a beach.  Bingo began to kick, and I told Sea to watch.  As she saw Bingo move for the first time, she smiled.  “Weird”, she said.

Weird, indeed.

8 thoughts on “Weird.

  1. I keep forgetting that we are due the exact same date – viability is such an exciting part of pregnancy, a momentous occasion all on its own. And definitely a little weird, things start going faster, and soon we will be holding babes in our arms.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me, and others, it has been a pleasure to read and follow.

  2. I spent an entire two hour flight from Portland to Denver talking about how weird pregnancy is, and I haven’t even experienced it. So. weird. and wonderful. and beautiful. Hooray!

  3. Congrats on reaching viability! I know that made me feel a little better.

    Also, when we lie around and watch Teeny attempt to kick her/his way out of my abdomen, PB likes to comment about how she doesn’t remember being able to see Critter move from the outside until much later in pregnancy. It’s definitely a weird thing. Also, I think that Teeny has figured out how to bounce on my bladder, such that even if I’ve just peed, and have, like, two tablespoons of urine in my bladder, I still feel like I really have to go. It’s charming.

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