Expect an increase in posts as I spend the next two weeks visiting with my family.

Within minutes of stepping off the plane, I had been barraged with advice and concern (“Don’t lift that bag!”, “Did the flight attendants give you a pillow to hold over your stomach?”).  Soon after, my mother handed me a list of suggested/approved names.

Yes, an actual list.  The names are written in single file on one side of the lined paper.  On the other side she’s begun a list– titled RIP– of songs to be played at her funeral.



Kay (Kai)






Stevie (?)

Personally, I still like Bingo.

9 thoughts on “Lists.

  1. My own mother, last time around, sent me five or ten pages of family names. This time, she greeted the news of the pregnancy by asking that I not name the child Rodney. I have no idea why. It wasn’t really in the running, so I agreed.

  2. My sister is expecting and recently asked my mother for family names. Instead she got lists of what NOT to name her child from my mom, other sister, aunts, uncles, etc. NIce.

  3. Is it just me, or do those names skew in the general direction of the gender-neutral? Maybe she’s trying to be supportive, or something, in a really weird way?

    Also, wow I’m glad none of our family members have tried anything like that. Probably my family, at least, is just glad I didn’t actually name Critter “Malawi Eye-Biter”, as I threatened to do to my first born for years. (It’s actually a type of fish, in case you were wondering. And the long-running joke was that I thought it would be an excellent name for a kid.) They really haven’t offered any kind of name suggestions, which is fine with me.

  4. OMG. lol. I”m heading off to a week at my family’s house (sans wife). I’m completely stressing and am lining up Aunts that I can drink with 🙂 Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

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