Room to grow.

With less than a week left until Bingo’s due date, there are a couple of things that I hear quite frequently from friends and acquaintances alike.  The first is the never flattering, “Oh, you’re still pregnant?”.  This sentiment is also conveyed through the disappointed looks coworkers shoot me every time they walk by my office to find me still there.  The other thing that I hear on a daily basis is, “Are you ready?”

I don’t have any good response to this question.  My answer varies based on who’s asking and my mood at that given moment.  Sometimes I’ll breezily respond that we’re so ready, sometimes I’ll be more honest and answer “not quite”, more often I’ll just stare at the person asking with a look that I expect reads as something between confusion and panic.  This response is based in a combination of not knowing what “ready” means, not being convinced that “ready” is an attainable state, and the fact that (nine months in) I have yet to really process the fact that I’m gestating a fetus that will soon be a baby.  Regardless, in a more practical sense, we’re ready in many ways.  We have enough diapers and onesies to dress quadruplets, enough toys to stock a daycare, and a nursery that’s quickly become the nicest room in our house.

The nursery is entirely Sea’s doing.  As she summarized in her post of 20ish weeks ago (!!) capturing the transformation of the third bedroom from cat room to plain white room, “as PartnerA has been working at creating a mini-human, I’ve been working at creating a livable space of the third bedroom.”  In the 20 weeks (!!) since then, the room has been transformed into much more than a livable space.  Sea would occassionally ask me about colors or accessories but, given my general attitude towards decision-making (indecisive is an understatement), it really all fell on her.  The results?  I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

Nursery 4 Nursery 3 Nursery 2

Nursery 5 Nursery 1

17 thoughts on “Room to grow.

  1. So beautiful!!! Mad props to Sea. I wish we’d painted our walls white. Alas, we are in a rental that we probably won’t stay in for more than 2 years, so tan it is! I’m going to post photos of the nursery as soon as it’s finished. We are waiting on a few last items. And the baby, of course. 🙂

  2. Wow, what a fantastic room! Bingo will love it! And yeah, no one is ever “ready” because you can’t be ready for the unknown… =) but you are ready for Bingo to be here!

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