Today is Bingo’s due date.  As you might have gathered based on the fact that I’m posting, Bingo was not born today and I am not in labor.  That’s okay: based on the fact that only 5% or so of babies are born on their due dates, and a very small percentage of first babies are born before their due dates, we weren’t really expecting Bingo to be born today. 

The rest of the world, however, seems to think that Bingo is now running late for an appointment.  Sea’s mother called her (at work!) this morning, her coworkers have been jumping every time she receives a text, and more than one person has texted me asking how today is going.  An old friend even texted with the message, “_____ tells me that today is your due date!  OMG I hope everything goes well!”

Sorry, everybody, that’s not how it works.  Like us, you’ll just have to wait.  Hopefully Bingo will be worth it?

(Also, let’s see if I can maintain this relaxed attitude if I’m still pregnant in a week!)


5 thoughts on “Due.

  1. Love the picture and hopefully Bingo won’t be too much over the due date, I do know how anxious you can be once you hit the due date and go past! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet little Bingo!

  2. I went ten days late. In the end I had to post ‘still not in labour’ on facebook every few hours or everyone would call/text thinking I was. I felt like I was disappointing everyone. Good luck!

  3. It’s so funny how people are so different. My older sister was 2 weeks early (she was my mom’s first) and I was two weeks late (my moms 2nd. I hope the wait goes by quickly and doesn’t feel like an eternity.

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