Bingo watch.

No, still no baby or imminent signs of baby.  We’ve definitely reached the stage, however, where everybody feels like 30+ minutes of non-communication means that Bingo must have been born.  Which means that I feel obligated to update everybody at regular intervals just to say “Nope, not yet!”

While we haven’t reached the point of desperation yet, we are trying to gently hand Bingo an eviction notice.  Strategies for natural induction that I’ve tried include:

-Eating half a pineapple.  Did nothing except make my mouth hurt due to a mild pineapple allergy.

-Eating a great deal of spicy food (thank you, Indian buffet).  Delicious but ineffective. 

-Walking, so much walking.  And biking, too!  Resulted in a sore ankle.

-The initial probe/exam by Herbal Tea.  This was not a full stretch and sweep due to Bingo’s mystery position, but Herbal Tea has suggested one for Thursday/Friday.

Anything that you/your friend/your friend’s neighbor has tried that they claim has worked?  I ask more out of interest than anything else, and can’t promise to take all suggestions.  While I’m willing to eat pineapple or go for a walk, I also assume that Bingo will show up someday and I’m only up for interventions that require minimal effort/ingestion of unpleasant things. 



7 thoughts on “Bingo watch.

  1. I tried everything. even high doses of herbs prescribed by a midwife. got nothing. went to 42 weeks and was induced. I think they come when they are ready for the most part. I say, relax, enjoy alone time together… be lazy. 🙂 baby is coming out no matter what!

  2. Shoveling a driveway, pushing a car into a garage and holding the car’s dead battery in line triggered labor in my mom (it was preterm labor, and we both ended up almost dying). I don’t really recommend it though.

  3. I’m pretty sure my ‘induction’ was moving an entire apartment while three days past my due date! I don’t really recommend it, but I did go into labor while unpacking a lot of laundry! 😉

  4. My sister and a handful of her friends all went into labor when they went to visit a friend (the same one) who lived on the third floor of an apartment complex. Any beachers around? 😉

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