Red Devil.

Today’s adventures in natural induction were two-fold.

1) The second stretch and sweep.  Performed in the darkened midwives’ clinic, which is apparently not open on weekends.  It would appear that Herbal Tea was so enthusiastic about either getting the show on the road or doing another stretch and sweep, that she brought me and the student midwife into the closed clinic soley for this purpose.  “Oh, you’re here alone!”, she greeted me as I walked into the unlocked building.  The actual stretch and sweep wasn’t as bad as the first one, so maybe that’s a good sign?

2) I came home to find Sea serving large bowls of curry and cutting up a type of cheese called Red Devil.  Wrapped in red wax, the cheese itself was an alarming bright orange and filled with onions and peppers.  Always a fan of spicy food, Sea’s favorite method of encouraging Bingo to arrive seems to be to make my insides uncomfortably warm.  We ate half of the round of cheese between us– Sea looking thorougly pleased with her lunch, me gulping water between bites.  The other half of the cheese is sitting in the fridge for a second try tomorrow.  Let’s hope that we don’t need it.


(If Bingo does arrive, I’m crediting the cheese.  If Bingo doesn’t arrive, induction is scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday, depending on which process they decide to go with.  Come on, cheese!)




4 thoughts on “Red Devil.

  1. Good luck! Hopefully the cheese doesn’t make Bingo wanna stay (have you seen the cheese commercial about the mom who feeds her kids and kids’ friends cheese, and they always come over to her house?)!

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