Full moon.

There’s a full moon tonight.  When we spoke by phone, my father reminded me of this fact and told me that old wives’ tales said that more babies were born at a full moon than other times of the month– a result of gravitational pull.  He told me that Bingo should be born tonight or tomorrow to support the empirical evidence*.

For a short while, I had hope.  Whether it was the moon, the Red Devil cheese, or the stretch and sweep, I felt intermitently crampy and just slightly… different.  But now I’m back to feeling pretty much the same as usual, convinced that Bingo plans to celebrate his/her 18th birthday still firmly located in my uterus.

Despite my pessimism, Sea convinced me to go for a walk.  Though we couldn’t see the moon, there was a slight glow from behind the clouds.  As we walked down the street, Sea insisted that I walk with my knees lifted high (a labor induction strategy learned in our still unblogged about prenatal course)– my body’s gravity working with the moon.  We continued this slow, strange march as we walked down the main street, past the much brighter light of car dealerships and half-filled bars, all the way home.

ImageRidiculous?  Absolutely.  But still, it’s early in the night, the moon is still out, maybe there’s still time for Bingo to feel its pull.

*Sadly empirical evidence doesn’t actually support increased labor rates at the full moon.  Boo!

1 thought on “Full moon.

  1. im excitedly coming to your page daily to see if baby has made their entrance yet. wishing you ladies the best and hoping bingo makes his/her debut soon!

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