Eviction notice.

While we were eating breakfast this morning, I turned to Sea and said: “I think Bingo has inherited my time management skills”.  You see, I’m perpetually late.  Ten minutes before I need to be somewhere twenty minutes away, I’ll be running around trying to find my keys and my right shoe.  I imagine that’s what Bingo is doing now: turning circles in my uterus, looking anxiously at a small watch, saying “I just need to…”

You see, Bingo is now eight days past due.  In addition to this, Bingo hasn’t yet dropped fully into my pelvis.  In addition to this, a biophysical profile done on Monday shows an… *ahem* hefty fetus, at an estimated 9 pounds.  Based on these facts, induction has been scheduled to begin tomorrow.  Sea updated her personal blog with the details of today’s midwife appointment, which I’m copying and pasting here in lieu of my own play by play.

From Sea:

Today’s midwife appointment was good for the following reasons:

– Fetus is healthy.

– PartnerA is healthy.

– Fetus’ heart rate is good.

– Fetus’ movement is good.

– In-utero fluid level is good.

– Baby’s birthday is going to be on the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd — all good days!

Today’s midwife appointment was not so good for the following reasons:

– Fetus has not dropped nearly enough.

– TMI: Cervix has not ripened nearly enough.

– TMI: PartnerA is dilated just one centimeter. She has been dilated just one centimeter for more than a week without further progression.

– The midwife, who is very hippy-dippy-natural-birth-etc. declared that it’s all-but-impossible for this fetus to be born without “technological help”.

– The midwife has transferred care to an OB/GYN. Three different OB/GYN’s — whoever is on call at the hospital over the next several days — none of whom we’ve ever met.

– Primary care is no longer through the midwife with whom we’ve been working for the past six months.

– The first induction (prostaglandin gel) is on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at 1:00 PM.

– The second induction (prostaglandin gel) is on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at 8:00 PM.

– The third induction (Pitocin) is on Thursday, November 21, 2013, at 10:30 AM.

– The ultrasound technician estimated the fetus’ current weight at 9 pounds.

– The midwife broke the news that the fetus may be too big to ‘fit’, so to speak. Anything can happen, she said, but three inductions or not, this baby may be Cesarean no matter what.


Baby “Bingo” is going to arrive one way or another by the end of the week. Think happy baby thoughts, please!

That’s it for now, folks.  Stay tuned for more updates.  I may try to blog the induction process as we go along, though we’ll see how successful that is!

10 thoughts on “Eviction notice.

  1. Yowza! I has 9 pounds 9, delivered (to my 5 foot 3 mother) vaginally with an epidural. My wee bro was 9 pounds 1 delivered vaginally with nothing bus gas and air to take the edge off. Wakey wakey Bingo, time to get moving!

  2. Bah. My bub went 10 days late and didn’t drop until that day. He only took ten minutes to push out and only had gas and air. Tore like a bitch but they said that was because I pushed too hard. End of the day is the baby will come out when its good and ready. The more you stress about it not fitting the more likely they’ll push you into intervention.

  3. My little one was a week overdue and didn’t drop until after my water broke. She was a stubborn little thing. Hope things get to looking better for ya, 9 pounds! Wow! 🙂 Well, healthy baby is a good thing, I know interventions are what you were hoping for, so I hope that things look better in the AM 🙂

  4. Good luck! I hope little Bingo makes his appearance quietly and easily. I know some women just can’t go into labor, my cousin’s wife is one of them, but both her c-section born girls are such a joy and very healthy.

  5. wishing you the best of luck. we all love to plan, but whatever way baby gets here healthy, with healthy moms at the end of the process, is the best way. we’ll be thinking of you!

  6. Hope it’s a smooth ride (okay, it never is) but in the end Bingo will be out and healthy and you all will be a fantastic family! Wishing you a swift recovery for whatever way Bingo comes out!

  7. ULTRASOUND weight and size ESTIMATES are not accurate. They are plus or minus quite a bit. Assume Bingo fits. Stay calm and carry/labor on……

  8. So exciting that you’re getting close to finally meeting Bingo! I’m sorry that (yet again!) s/he is not cooperating with the plan for how and when that would happen. I’ll be thinking of all 3(!) of you over the next few days.

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