Thank you all for your welcomes to Bingo!  I did, in fact, write updates during much/most of labor and will post them in the form of a birth story once I have a chance to edit.

Bingo is, in my totally biased opinion, the cutest baby on the block.  This doesn’t negate the fact that I definitely spent a good amount of time this morning sititng in bed sobbing on to the baby after she went twelve hours last night constantly nursing, with the longest stretch of sleep for either of us being five minutes.

Luckily we have amazing friends and midwives, who bring food, laughter, hugs, advice and support.  After a visit from the midwife this afternoon that included a crash course in improved breastfeeding, Bingo is now sound asleep and– of course– totally worth it all.

20131126-193214.jpgExpect more once I learn how to type with one hand.


6 thoughts on “Thanks.

  1. shes a beauty, congrats on the breastfeeding marathon, quite the accomplishment! hope you all get some additional rest tonight. enjoy each other!!

  2. What a cutie!!! Sounds so similar to our first couple of nights in the hospital. I pretty much got to the point I’d just leave him on my chest all having to get up, which with a c-section is quite an ordeal, as you’ve probably discovered. Enjoy these first few days and get as much help from the midwives as possible!

  3. You’re right – she is perfect! Those first couple weeks of breastfeeding are so hard. Hopefully you’ll get to the point where you can sleep while she’s nursing. That’s the only way my sanity was saved.

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