A year in the making.

A year ago today, a fluish Sea and I set out to the fertility clinic on a cold morning.

We stopped to help a man named Tom who had collapsed on the pavement, before heading into the building that had housed our three previous attempts at babymaking. With the aid of an app, I pointed myself towards Mecca and took a sip of holy water before following the ever-rushed Dr. Text into a clinic room. As Call Me Maybe played over the radio and we talked about conception stories, Dr. Text performed our fourth IUI and first try with our second donor.

A year later, I’ve seen Tom once, walking across the same pavement where he fell. Dr. Text has moved back to his home country. Call Me Maybe has been replaced on radio stations by more popular songs. The holy water sits at the back of a cupboard, in case of future need. And Sea and I sit in our warm home on a quiet evening, with our 12 week old daughter sleeping beside us.

What a year it has been.


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About Beginning from the Start

This blog began when my partner and I decided to start adding the requisite 2.5 kids to our lives. Three years later, we’re now the parents of a very active toddler and (maybe) considering adding another kid to the mix. Read on for adventures in TTC, pregnancy, toddlers, queer parenting and more.

5 thoughts on “A year in the making.

  1. You are so blessed. I sooooo hope that our first attempt with a new donor (coming up in early/mid April) is just as lucky! Happy ‘anniversary’, she’s beautiful.

  2. so happy for you & sea & bingo! i know you’ve had people IRL reading your blog, so you may not want to comment on this, but i’m curious about sea’s earlier fears about being the NGP & not the ‘real mom/mum’. have those fears dissipated at all? i just think she was speaking some really important truths and Hard Feelings that LBQ women can have!

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