Hello, anybody there?

Guys, I’m not being hyperbolic here: I think the clinic forgot about me.

No missed calls, no voicemails, the clinic closed 20 minutes ago.

It looks like the TWW might end up being 15 days.


10 thoughts on “Hello, anybody there?

  1. Superhuman is right! Forget the extra money reason, because there are dollar store tests. Good luck! The good sign is that… well, it sounds like you’re still in the game with no sign of AF!

  2. I can’t even believe that you’re that patient! I think I would forgo the weekly grocery budget rather than wait 15 days! (Mostly kidding, I think…) We bought a whack of cheapies and dollarama tests. My wife probably woke up to me staring at her every morning, waiting to ask her for her first morning urine. (Again, I think that is mostly a joke, but man, did the waiting make me crazy.)

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