In what I’m sure is only one of the many ways in which I’ll do Powerball* wrong as a second child, this pregnancy will clearly be much less carefully documented than the first. 

We’re now at 7 weeks and something days.  (2 days?  Yes, that sounds right.)  Everything seems to be going as it should.  I had a total of four beta tests between 4 and 5 weeks. Clinic One likes to be thorough.  As with Bingo, the levels were high: ridiculously, are-you-sure-there-aren’t-2?, high.  Thankfully, last weekend’s ultrasound showed Powerball as a lone wolf, hanging out with a heartbeat of 122.


The ultrasound was on a Saturday, which meant that both Bingo and Sea came along.  It was Bingo’s first out of utero visit to the clinic where she was conceived.  She didn’t seem to recognize the significance of the occasion, but was mightily impressed with the plastic playhouse and small collection of children’s toys that Clinic One has wedged into a corner.  She watched the ultrasound from Sea’s arms, occasionally interjecting with “What’s that?” or “What mummy doing?”  We aren’t telling her yet because a) she can’t keep a secret and b) 9 months is a very long time for somebody who has only lived for 26, so we just told her that the ultrasound technician was taking pictures of my tummy.  The slightly dour ultrasound technician had other ideas though, and kept saying “That’s your brother or sister.”  Luckily, Bingo seemed unconvinced: she knows what brothers and sisters are, and they obviously look much more like babies than a pulsing grey blob on a screen.

After the ultrasound, we met briefly with Dr. Paul.  He reviewed the results of our ultrasound, seeming pretty pleased with himself.  And really, shouldn’t he be?  The first IUI produced an excellent follicle, high beta numbers, and one newly beating heart. We congratulated him on a job well done, and he gifted Bingo with two shiny gold stickers of the sort usually used on diplomas.  After that we were on our way, with instructions to come back in two weeks for another ultrasound.  If all continues to go smoothly, there will be only one more visit after that: the NT scan at 12 weeks.  Then, hopefully, we’ll be given gold graduation stickers of our own and pointed in the direction of the much cozier world of the midwives’ office.

As for me, I’m feeling okay.  I feel vaguely carsick at various points throughout the day, and seem to have developed an aversion to all spices.  Not as in spicy food, but parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, etc.  I’ve been addressing this by eating nothing but macaroni and cheese, which I’m assuming constitutes a well-rounded pregnancy diet. Again, Powerball, sorry that second child syndrome is already hitting hard.

*As you may remember, our IUI happened on the day of the Powerball draw.  Though we were in a lottery pool, we didn’t win billions.  Still, I think we were pretty lucky.  Much to Sea’s chagrin, I’m calling this one Powerball.

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