Clothes are hard.

Clothes are hard.  They’re hard when you’re gender non-conforming.  They’re hard when you’re fat.  They’re hard when you’re eight months pregnant.  They’re hard when you’re required to be a little bit fancy.  They’re especially hard when you’re gender non-conforming, fat, eight months pregnant, and invited to a wedding where you have to be a little bit fancy.

But, thanks to a trip to the thrift store, some creative belt coverage, and a long tie to hide the gaps between buttons, I managed to dress myself with only a few small wardrobe crises.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take my pants off and not put them back on for at least another month.



6 thoughts on “Clothes are hard.

  1. I LOVE those photos. And you are absolutely not fat.

    I never anticipated how happy I would be to return to my slacks and button-downs after endless maternity dresses!! Woohoo, loafers!

  2. Oh, damn. Will I go to hell if I laugh? It’s probably nervous laugh.
    You’re not fat at all, by the way!!! It’s called pregnancy. It goes away. Well, in most cases (not mine).

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