Bingo watch.

No, still no baby or imminent signs of baby.  We’ve definitely reached the stage, however, where everybody feels like 30+ minutes of non-communication means that Bingo must have been born.  Which means that I feel obligated to update everybody at regular intervals just to say “Nope, not yet!”

While we haven’t reached the point of desperation yet, we are trying to gently hand Bingo an eviction notice.  Strategies for natural induction that I’ve tried include:

-Eating half a pineapple.  Did nothing except make my mouth hurt due to a mild pineapple allergy.

-Eating a great deal of spicy food (thank you, Indian buffet).  Delicious but ineffective. 

-Walking, so much walking.  And biking, too!  Resulted in a sore ankle.

-The initial probe/exam by Herbal Tea.  This was not a full stretch and sweep due to Bingo’s mystery position, but Herbal Tea has suggested one for Thursday/Friday.

Anything that you/your friend/your friend’s neighbor has tried that they claim has worked?  I ask more out of interest than anything else, and can’t promise to take all suggestions.  While I’m willing to eat pineapple or go for a walk, I also assume that Bingo will show up someday and I’m only up for interventions that require minimal effort/ingestion of unpleasant things. 




Today is Bingo’s due date.  As you might have gathered based on the fact that I’m posting, Bingo was not born today and I am not in labor.  That’s okay: based on the fact that only 5% or so of babies are born on their due dates, and a very small percentage of first babies are born before their due dates, we weren’t really expecting Bingo to be born today. 

The rest of the world, however, seems to think that Bingo is now running late for an appointment.  Sea’s mother called her (at work!) this morning, her coworkers have been jumping every time she receives a text, and more than one person has texted me asking how today is going.  An old friend even texted with the message, “_____ tells me that today is your due date!  OMG I hope everything goes well!”

Sorry, everybody, that’s not how it works.  Like us, you’ll just have to wait.  Hopefully Bingo will be worth it?

(Also, let’s see if I can maintain this relaxed attitude if I’m still pregnant in a week!)


Borrowed time.

NaBloPoMo, Day 2

Today was a perfectly ordinary, if busy, Saturday in almost every way.

Sea and I slept in until the luxurious hour of 9am. We went to the mall in search of a Christmas outfit for Bingo, our first dedicated shopping trip for new baby clothes. (Between hand-me-downs and the secondhand store around the corner, we haven’t needed much.). We helped a friend move into a new apartment, though I was banned from heavy lifting. I made four dozen cupcakes for an event. I put on a bow tie. I’m currently writing this post on my phone as I travel across the city to another friend’s birthday party.

A perfectly ordinary Saturday that, in many ways, feels anything but. Having believed until less than two weeks ago that Bingo would be making a forced early entrance into the world, and having been told a week and a half ago by Dr. Selleck that an ECV with an accompanying induction or c-section was in the cards for this past week, today feels unexpected. This ordinary Saturday feels like borrowed time: appreciated moments as an individual and as a family of two before ordinary permanently shifts.

(Disclaimer: I know how lucky we are to be having Bingo. Though I appreciate today, I’m obviously also excited and grateful for this upcoming shift in ordinary!)