Another day at Clinic One.

I suspect this entry will be short, because there are only so many times that I can wax poetic about blood draws and ultrasounds.

This morning as I stepped on to the elevator in the high-rise where Clinic One resides, I squeezed in next to several women and a man with a cart stacked high with boxes.  I assumed that the women were going to the same floor I was, as the button was already pressed and well-dressed women in this particular elevator at 8:30am on a Thursday morning are almost inevitably taking the same long trip up.  Then slowly, floor by floor, the elevator emptied until I realized that only the man and his boxes were going to the same floor as I was.  I turned and read what was on the boxes: “Fragile!”, “Handle with care.” “Refrigerated Materials”, and a couple of company names that I’ve come to recognize.  Yes, I was riding up to Clinic One with the sperm.

After the man had carefully exited the elevator, taking his sperm with him, I made my way down the hallway to Clinic One.  The blood draw was as routine as my bruised hands would suggest, and the ultrasound was no more uncomfortable than the process is by default.

Dr. Text sat down at the desk across from me, fiddling with a paper wheel designed to predict due dates by the time of conception.  His first words as he looked at my chart were, “Well, what is your body doing?”  I don’t know, doctor, you tell me.  Apparently the follicle is 15mm, which suggests that it didn’t shrink and reaffirms that none of this is an exact science.  He thinks that the previous measurements were just not completely accurate, and that while my follicle hasn’t shrunk it just hasn’t grown much either.  As he asked me if I had any questions, his iPhone rang from inside the pocket of his lab coat.  He answered, and I sat contemplating both what all of this meant and the fact that Dr. Text and I have identical iPhone cases.

Done with his phone call, Dr. Text told me not to worry, that he thought that this cycle would just be longer, that he didn’t think my longer cycle had anything to do with the thyroid medication he has me on, and that trying to get pregnant can take several tries for anybody.

Thanks, Dr. Text.  I’m still hoping that two tries will do the trick.

Back to Clinic One on Saturday.

Total Ultrasound Count: 14