Of all the things I thought I would be doing at 35…

I never imagined that selling my sperm would be on the list.


On to the world of average.

“Hello girls.”

The ultrasound technician welcomed us into the clinic room as if we were students late for first period.  Sea and I glanced at each other: “girls” coming to check on the status of our second kid.

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2016: year of the baby.

In an auspicious start to the new year, my period began on January 1st.
We didn’t end up trying in December, because it would have cut dangerously close to our holiday travel plans. We might have been able to squeeze in the IUI before we left, but we might also have been doing it on the way to the airport. So December came and went. I consumed a lot of sugar and paid very little attention to my uterus. It was lovely.
And now, 2016 is here: a year that, for one reason or another, will likely involve paying a lot of attention to my uterus.

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Partner’s Post: Clinic #3

If you’ve been reading along, you know I’m not on this strange trip into the world of fertility alone.  I have a partner, named Partner for the purposes of this blog.  If you’ve been reading along with some attention, you also know that Partner is not nearly as keen as I am to make babies.  Knowing how important this is to me, Partner has relented and has bravely stepped into the world of sperm donors and clinic visits with me.

Partner reads this blog (as do two other people who know us in real life).  A much better writer than I am, Partner has also been recording her experiences in all of this.  She’s allowing me to share what she has written here.

This is her experience of Clinic Three.

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